Petite Style: Perfectly Sized Hangers

When you invest in good-quality clothing, proper care, which includes hangers that fit and shape the garment properly, is so important. I recently discovered wonderful hangers that are perfectly sized for petite-sized coats and jackets, so I wanted to be sure to share the info!

Until I found these, I just assumed that the ugly bumps that inevitably develop in sleeves from too-long hangers were just a fact of life -- yet another example of #petitegirlproblems! Now that I have these hangers, my coats maintain their beautiful shape. 


These hangers are from Only Hangers, an online store that sells a wide variety of hangers. I chose the Petite Size Deluxe Wooden Suit Hanger for my coats -- 15-inch length from tip to tip and 2 inches in width. The 2-inch width and contoured shape is perfect for providing adequate support to the shoulders and the shorter length doesn't create an ugly bump. 


The hangers are very sturdy and substantial, which is needed for coats and other outerwear. The 15-inch length works well for my coats, but I think it is a bit long for my more fitted tailored jackets and blazers. There is a 14-inch length option -- the Juniors Wooden Dress/Shirt Hanger -- that will work better, but it doesn't have the 2-inch width and contoured shaping. 


 If you are unsure about which length would be best, measure from shoulder tip to shoulder tip (the place where the shoulder seam meets the armhole seam), across the back of the garment. For petite sizes, you'll likely get measurements of 14 to 16 inches, depending on the garment type. For my Soutache Trench Coat, the measurement was about 15 inches, which is why the 15-inch hanger was perfect. Note that the measuring tape should be held taut -- mine is too loose in then photo because I had to take the photo!


I hope you have a chance to check these hangers out -- they truly make a difference. As always, stay connected with us on PinterestInstagramTwitter or Facebook!     


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