Summer 16: Spotlighting Hand Loomed Fabrics

For Summer 16, we're featuring one of the most eco-friendly fabrics available: khadi cotton. 


Khadi cotton is fabric that is produced entirely by hand -- no machines or electricity are used. Artisans spin the cotton fibers into yarn by hand; dye the yarn by hand using natural dyes; and weave the yarn into fabric on hand looms. Here is a wonderful video that provides a peek into the hand loom process. 


Indigo Handloom from TCF on Vimeo.


In addition to having a very low environmental impact, the production of these fabrics preserve ancient weaving techniques and provide a means for artisans to earn a living while working out of their homes or villages -- and not in factories. The resulting fabric is truly unique from those produced in mills and on machines. There is an ethereal lightness to this fabric -- a floating quality -- and the texture is extremely soft to the touch. 


We used a double-layer of khadi cotton for our Summer 16 dress. 


We're proud to offer these beautiful, eco-friendly fabrics as part of our Summer 16 collection. Stay tuned for more information and, as always, stay connected with us on PinterestInstagramTwitter or Facebook


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