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While many designers go to design school and work their way up in the industry, I came to the business by a different route. I learned to sew and knit as a child and supplemented those skills with formal courses in fashion design over the years. I also completed the Apparel Arts pattern-making program in San Francisco and a 6-month internship with the Design team at Margaret O'Leary, where I gained an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes experience at a successful fashion business. But one of the most valuable (and fun!) things I've done is to be a part of the online sewing and knitting communities. I maintained a sewing blog for a few years, which was a great way to document my projects; share some of the things I learned; and meet wonderful people who shared my love of making clothes.

During August, Rachel of the blog, House of Pinheiro, hosted a SewPhotoHop -- a month-long event on Instagram where participants posted photos in keeping with a daily theme. I loved participating -- it was challenging to keep within the themes every day, but more importantly, it was so fun to see what other people, worldwide, were creating and what they found inspirational. 

Some of my posts from the August 2015 SewPhotoHop.


There are so many talented folks out there -- I continue to be inspired and in awe of what people can create. Here are just a few of the bloggers I like to keep up with:

Communing with Fabric: Immensely creative, artistic and unafraid to experiment with new techniques. Always fun to read!

HonigDesign: She makes the cutest dresses. Simple designs, but her choice of fabrics and details is inspired.

Lilacs and Lace: Beautifully crafted vintage designs. No detail is ever overlooked.

PoppyKettle: Meticulous and couture.

Sewing Princess: She sews, she knits and has great taste in shoes!

SunnyGal Studio: I can only dream of tailoring jackets as well as she does.

Vacuuming the Lawn: I wish I could work Sashiko embroidery as well as she does -- not to mention her awesome bags!


I've been trying to clean up and organize my Pinterest boards as well, and for those who are interested in making clothes, have included ones for Making Clothes, Pattern Drafting and Construction Techniques!


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Sep 03, 2015

Wow Jean! I’m so flattered! Thanks for the shout-out! I have some sashiko on my blog right now….and have some bag designs floating about in my head!

Kyle Burkhardt

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