Petite Style: Fitting and Ideas for FW15

One of the great things about fashion today is that there are so many options, especially for women who are shorter than the average. I'm 5'1" tall when I stand up very straight, so finding clothes that are beautiful and fit me has been a life-long challenge -- and one of the reasons for starting Jean Kaori. In this post, I'd like to share some fitting tips and ideas for refreshing your Fall wardrobe. Can't wait for cooler weather to arrive!


It's Not Just About Hemming

For petites, it's about overall proportions -- not just sleeve or skirt/pant length. Generally, you can't buy a standard-fitting jacket, hem the sleeves and expect it to fit well -- the distance from neck to waist is shorter; the width across the back and shoulders is narrower; and the armholes need to sit higher. Of course there are exceptions, as every body is different, but in general, these issues hold true for most petite women. 



Finding a well-fitting jacket has always been a challenge for me. I've sewn many jackets and always made the same alterations for petite figures. Because of my experiences, Jean Kaori jackets are specifically designed to address these fitting issues. I've also found that our jackets fit taller women who have narrower frames and shorter waists, so the fit is not just about overall height -- it's about proportions.

Even though Sydny is not petite in height, she has a narrow frame, which is why the shoulder width of the Lantern Coat fits her perfectly.


Styling Ideas for FW15

There are some great choices this season -- here are some of my picks, styled with some of our jackets and coats!

This fitted dress by J. Crew is available in petite sizes and would look great with our Luxe Parka -- a nice contrast of tailored and sporty. Note that the dress has a defined waist and fitted bodice, so be sure to check the fit before you buy. 


The leather leggings and silk top from J. Crew are both available in petite sizes. I love the luxurious yet edgy vibe of this look mixed with our Crop Moto Jacket. So nice to see navy blue leather, which feels more refined than black.


This fitted dress comes in petite sizes at Anthropologie. It is so elegant and, with its asymmetric hemline, would be a perfect combination with our Crop Moto Jacket. Wear the jacket unzipped to show off the beautiful textured fabric of the dress. These tie boots with fun tassels are a fun way to finish the look. 


Our Curvy Coat brightens up this outfit from J. Crew (all in petite sizes). The merino wool sweater + bold floral fitted skirt is a classic silhouette. For the fitted skirt, make sure the widest part of the skirt hits your widest hip area -- this is the main fitting problem for petites when wearing pencil skirts. 


We have more petite style ideas on our Pinterest boards, and as always, stay in touch via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!






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