Petite Style: Finding Boots That Fit

I love boots! Here in California, boots are more about fashion rather than weather, which I think makes it even more enticing to wear -- no worries about keeping warm or having enough traction to brave icy sidewalks! 

Our Curvy Coat, which reaches mid-thigh, is the perfect length for over-the-knee, tall or ankle boots. So versatile because it can go casual or dressy -- the perfect piece to show off your new Fall boots!


Over-the-Knee Boots

This season, over-the-knee boots are all over the place. I'm on the fence about this style for shorter women, because it ends up looking unbalanced, with a lot of boot and very little leg showing. I think the trick to wearing this style is finding a pair of boots that closely fit the leg (without being too tight at the thigh) so it almost looks like a legging.

Even though she doesn't look petite, I included this image because I love how these boots elongate the leg by being so fitted. Image from here


Some petite fashion bloggers have found great options that work, so if you are interested in trying this trend, here are some options from Cute & Little and Extra Petite


Tall Boots

Tall boots -- the ones that hit just below the knee -- are workhorses in my wardrobe, but it is really difficult to find ones that are perfect. The challenge is not only the shaft height but where the widest part of the boot hits the leg. For me, a shaft height of under 16 inches is a must. And the only way to check for gaping -- where the widest part of the boot ends up on the leg -- is to try each boot style on.


At 5'1" tall, here are some options that work for me. The one boot that is closest to perfect for me is an oldie but a goodie -- the Frye Miranda Stud Tall boot. I don't think it is available in stores anymore, but the shaft height (15 inches) is perfect and the cut of the shaft fits my leg well (no gaping). 


Ariat York: These are beautifully made boots -- a definite investment that will last a long time. The shaft height is about 15.5 inches and it hits just below the knee for me. The only problem is that it is wide at that spot, so there is some gaping. If my leg were about an inch longer it would be perfect, but I can live with this!

Frye Jackie: This is one boot I really wanted to love, because the style is great, the heel height is perfect and the shaft width was good. The only problem was the shaft height at 16 inches -- if it were about an inch shorter it would have been perfect. It is definitely worth trying on to see if it works for you.


Ankle Boots

After seeing Lucy Liu rock a pair of ankle boots on her show, Elementary, I knew I had to try it out. I always shied away from ankle boots because of my short legs, but if they are styled with tights or skinny jeans, they look great. 

Paul Green Destiny: I love this brand because they are super comfortable yet classically stylish. These boots are amazing because the platform and fitted ankle make it very elongating. It looks so chic, especially with black skinnies.


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