Journeys: Behind-the-Scenes of FW15, Final

As I’ve written about in my series, Journeys: Behind-the-Scenes of FW15, making beautiful clothes is a process that requires many specialized skills. 


There is so much knowledge needed to choose the right fabrics for a given design; draft patterns that fit real bodies; grade patterns to fit different sizes proportionally while maintaining the original design; and sewing garments that are beautifully finished.



Part 1 focused on finding inspiration and choosing fabrics for the FW15 collection.


Part 2 covered the nuts and bolts of transforming the vision of FW15 into reality – testing sewing details; drafting patterns; and making many, many samples.


Part 3 discussed pattern grading and how every original design is proportionally translated, without distortion, to smaller and larger sizes. Once graded, the patterns are made into markers – efficient layouts of the pattern pieces that are used as a guide for cutting out the fabric.


Part 4 reviewed the sewing process and the different types of sewing – from couture, which is the most highly skilled, to production, which is how all of the ready-to-wear clothes sold in stores are made.


The result? A beautiful FW15 collection!



I hope this series was helpful in giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of designing and making clothes. Send me a note if you have any questions -- would love to hear from you! As always, stay connected with us on PinterestInstagramTwitter or Facebook



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