Petite Style: The Pencil Skirt

I love The Pencil Skirt. It is such a classic style that is super flattering and always appropriate. It can have a raised waist (flattering for petites), a lowered waist or a simple waistband. It can have a narrow pegged hem or a straight cut. The fabric can be a stretchy knit for a clingy look or a classic wool crepe with a beautiful lining. The options are endless! 



Unfortunately for us petites, getting a good fitting pencil skirt isn't just about hemming it up a couple of inches. For most of us, the distance from our waist to the widest part of our hip tends to be shorter than the regular-size fit model. This means that, in general, the widest part of the skirt hits our bodies in the wrong place -- it is usually too low. This problem isn't usually a big deal with most skirt styles, but The Pencil is meant to be fitted and to showcase those curves, which makes it an issue.




This year, I'm designing The Pencil just for petite figures. But of course they won't be just boring old skirts -- I'm all about cool fabrics and interesting details that will make these workhorse garments really special. So excited to introduce them later this year!


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