Petite Style: Choosing a Flattering Skirt

There are so many choices when it comes to skirts -- floor-length maxi, modern midi, polished knee-length, micro mini -- that it can be daunting to figure out which one would look best, especially for those of us who are petite. That said, I am a firm believer in the idea that petites can wear any skirt length (yes, even a maxi!) -- it is just a matter of finding the most flattering silhouette in that length. 


A Little Experiment

To get a better sense of how different skirt lengths look, I decided to try a little test. I took a long tube skirt, one that can be hiked up or pulled down to mimic different lengths, and set up the trusty tripod. I'm 5'1" and am of average proportion (legs aren't super short or long compared to my torso). 


Looking at the photos, it is so interesting to see how the same skirt can project such different vibes based on length alone. I think all of the lengths can work, depending on the look I'm going for, but overall, I think the shorter lengths (the top two) are most flattering. The longest length (bottom left) works because the hemline hits at the narrow part of my leg. The midi length (bottom right) works because the hemline hits at the narrow part just above my calf -- but any longer and it wouldn't work because it would reach the widest part of my leg. Quite an informative exercise -- give it a try if you have some free time!


It's Not Just About Length

When thinking about skirts, length is of course an important consideration, but the style and fit are also key as well. I think most mini and knee-length styles are easy for petites to wear, so the examples below focus on longer styles. 


For shorter women, one caution is making sure not to get "swallowed up" in too much fabric. Skirts with pleats and gathers at the waistline are very cute, but the extra fullness + a longer length can be overwhelming. A midi length like this option is probably the longest choice for this style. One exception is a very lightweight fabric, such as a beach-ready maxi -- the fullness of a lightweight fabric won't be as overwhelming as other fabrics. Image from here


If you like fuller + longer styles, a more flattering way to wear them is to look for skirts with a fitted yoke through the high hip. The yoke serves to control the volume of the fabric, making the skirt very wearable. Image from here


A beautiful silhouette for a longer skirt is one that is fitted through the hip with fullness toward the hem. The volume is controlled and kept to a minimum, thereby not being overwhelming. The caution with this style is to make sure the hem doesn't hit the widest part of the calf. Image from here


This is a really cool long skirt. Its lean silhouette is flattering, and the asymmetric hem detail makes it fun and interesting. The caution for this style is to make sure the skirt just skims the body without any unsightly pulling. Image from here


Have fun trying different skirt styles -- once you find one that you love, it will be your tried-and-true, go-to style that will never fail you! As always, stay connected with us on PinterestInstagramTwitter or Facebook!     



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