FW16/17: Color-Blocked Capelet

A capelet is one of the most versatile pieces to wear. It isn't too long and cumbersome. It can be dressed up or made more casual, depending on how you style it. There are no sleeves or closures to fuss with -- just toss it over your shoulders and head out the door!


Our Color-Blocked Capelet in navy wool with bright pink wool contrast. Fully lined.



The design is a shorter and more versatile version of our Flounce Cape, which was a luxurious, long-length garment for more formal occasions. 


Flounce Cape from FW15.


The shorter length makes it easier to toss on, and with less fabric to manage, it is much more wearable with different outfits. There are no closures, so when putting it on, just line up the topstitched shoulder seams with your shoulders and you are ready to go. The drama of this capelet comes from the generous flounce collar, which can be worn up or folded down. 



For this version, which can work for day or night, we used a beautiful wool flannel in a rich navy blue, and added a contrast facing along the flounce collar in a bright pink wool. For dressier options, a heavy-weight silk or cashmere coating would be luxurious choices. 


Lining for the Color-Blocked Capelet.


Contact us so we can help you create your own Color-Blocked Capelet. Thanks for stopping by!


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