Just the Details: Bound Buttonholes

A bound buttonhole is one of my favorite couture details because it is functional but also beautiful. It is a strong design element that stands out, makes a definite statement and adds polish to any garment.


Jean Kaori Custom-Tailored Wool Coat: These bound buttonholes are immensely more interesting than typical machine-sewn buttonholes because a contrast fabric that coordinates perfectly with the trim is used to create the "lips" of the buttonholes.


Bound buttonholes are generally rectangular in shape, with pieces of folded fabric -- the "lips" -- that meet in the middle to create the opening. No threads are visible, which is why this type of buttonhole looks so clean and neat. They are most often found on outerwear or on garments where button closures are a key aspect of the design. 


Jean Kaori Made-to-Measure Long Jacket: Bound buttonholes can look more discreet when the "lips" are made in the same fabric as the garment.


Bound buttonholes are considered a couture detail because they require skill and practice to make well. Hallmarks of a beautiful bound buttonhole are evenly sized "lips" and perfectly square and sharp corners -- easier to write about than create! 



Jean Kaori Custom-Tailored Wool Coat: I used bound buttonholes for the back belt of this coat -- a fun way to add a pop of color and continue the design detail from the front of the coat. 



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