Just the Details: Coats with Pleated Linings

It's coat season! When looking for a new coat or warm jacket, be sure to look for a detail that is often overlooked -- a lining with a pleat along the center back. Well-made coats and jackets will have this pleat, because it reduced strain on the garment and provides additional wearing ease. 


Lining with Back Pleat: Decorated with a line of feather-stitches, a hand-stitch technique that is pretty to look at and functional, as it serves to hold down the pleat in intervals along the center back.


Another detail to look for is extra stitching that secures small sections of the pleat. Without this extra stitching, the back pleat could billow out and bunch up inside. Generally, these sections are stitched by machine, but in couture garments, hand-stitching techniques are used, which can be decorative as well as functional. Feather-stitch is commonly used for back pleats, as it is decorative, secure and relatively easy to do. Here's a great tutorial on how to do this stitch -- it would be a fun way to jazz up a RTW coat lining, especially if you use a metallic or contrast-color thread. Give it a try!

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