Travel Style: Germany and Switzerland

I just returned from an awesome trip to southern Germany and Zurich, Switzerland! It was a short trip, so I didn't have a lot of time for sight-seeing and, regrettably, did not shop for fabrics, trims, etc.  I hope I have the opportunity to visit this beautiful region of the world again.


Sewing Magazine: I found this at the train station -- a Burda-like sewing magazine! The designs are simpler and more basic, but it includes pattern sheets, so I may try a style or two.


Ulm Munster: This imposing Gothic cathedral is one of the tallest in this area of Germany. It is the main sight in the city of Ulm -- its lofty spires can be seen from all parts of the city. 


Climbing to the Top of Ulm Munster: For breathtaking views of Ulm and its environs, I climbed to the top of the Ulm Munster by way of steep, corkscrew staircases -- nearly 800 steps to the top! The staircases were very narrow and the climb was pretty strenuous, so I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. 


Views from the Top of Ulm Munster: That said, the views from the top were stunning, even on a cloudy and foggy day.


Kaffee und Kuchen: The German tradition of coffee and cake in the afternoon is something I can definitely support! I had a delicious apple hazelnut cake + latte macchiato at Cafe Troglen, a beautiful cafe across from the Ulm Munster. The storefront downstairs had fabulous chocolates and marzipan treats that were perfect takeaways for later.


Wiblingen Monastery: Just a short bus ride away from Ulm, this imposing structure (and expansive grounds) is best known for its beautiful library. 


Library at Wiblingen Monastery: It was pretty over the top, but beautiful in its ornate-ness. Interestingly, the statues are carved of wood and painted white to resemble marble -- different from the ones in Italy that are actually marble!


Esslingen am Neckar: This super cute town is in Germany's wine country, so the slopes surrounding the town are covered in beautiful grapevines. This gorgeous medieval building houses the unexpected -- a yarn shop + cafe!


Esslingen am Neckar: Climbing part of the old city wall reveals gorgeous views of the city. 


Lake Constance (Bodensee): Views of the lake from the car ferry that connects Meersburg with Konstanz would have been more striking on a sunny day, but it was still beautiful nevertheless. 


Zurich: St. Peter's Church is best known for its imposing clock tower, which has the largest clock face in Europe. The fall colors were just beautiful throughout the city.


Zurich: Strolling Bahnofstrasse, a shopping avenue that links the main train station with Lake Zurich, was such a treat. I couldn't resist taking a photo of these amazingly cute shoes -- a fun interpretation of ballerinas!




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