Travel Style: London

I love London. The last time we visited was in the summer, so it was great to be able to experience London in the spring. Even though the weather was still a bit chilly in April, it was such a treat to walk around and be inspired by such a charming city! 


Spring tulips at Victoria Embankment Gardens. We stumbled upon this small sliver of a garden during a walk along the Thames River -- and were so glad we did! It was the perfect place to relax on a bench and enjoy the colorful blooms.


Interesting tulip variety at Victoria Embankment Gardens. Nature really is the master of colorwork. I especially loved how the tulips were arranged with groundcover-like flowers to create a blanket of colorful flowers -- definitely need to do that in my own garden.



More gorgeous blooms in St. James Park, on the path to Buckingham Palace. The beauty of the well-tended parks and gardens made the hordes of fellow tourists somewhat bearable!


Mutton sleeves at Harvey Nichols. I love the sleeves (of course!) and also the vibrant color combinations -- yellow, purple, fuschia, robin's egg blue -- that have taken a cue from nature's spring season.


Laduree macarons at Harrod's. Is there anything more beautiful -- or more delicious? We bought macarons for takeaway, but they have a pretty tea room as well, which would be a fabulous way to take a break from shopping.


Decadent baked goods at Harrod's food hall. The crowds were intense, but it was so fun to see artfully arranged foods of all kinds -- pastries, cakes, chocolates, produce, meats, prepared foods, etc. -- everything imaginable. One of the more interesting foods I encountered were dates stuffed with different fillings, such as pistachio and ginger. 


West End production of 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. This performance, in one of the oldest theaters in London (since 1663!), was stellar. And for a blast from the 80s, Sheena Easton was a part of the cast, and it was quite a treat to hear her sing. The theater is located in the Covent Garden area, which was buzzing pre- and post-theater. It was well worth getting to the area early to browse around and take in the scene.



Trafalgar Square at sunset. I love the mix of historical and modern -- how elements of the past can be preserved and incorporated into the modern world. 


Fabric shopping at Liberty of London. For me, no trip to London would be complete without a browse through the beautiful Liberty prints. As I was making some selections, including this wonderful "under the sea" print, I saw this little guy -- a stunning sewing machine that would look absolutely perfect in my work room! In addition to the fabrics, I love looking at the soaps, stationery and housewares -- such unique finds at this one-of-a-kind store.


I love taking afternoon tea. At the Corinthia Hotel's tea service, they brought out samplers of their teas on offer so you could smell and choose the ones you would like to try. It was such a relaxing and refined way to spend an afternoon. 



Westminster Abbey on Easter Sunday. It was a very crowded time in London, as you can see from the hordes surrounding the Abbey. But we had a fantastic time, especially because we chose to take in the city at a slow pace rather than rush around to all of the major sites. While we didn't make it to the Tower of London or ride the London Eye, we left the city with a full heart -- and a list of things to see on future trips!






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