Summer 2016 Collection

Hand-Loomed Cottons: Light as Air. Delicate. Environmentally Conscious. 


For Summer 2016, we found the perfect fabric to capture the essence of the season. Known as "khadi" cotton, the fabric is made entirely by hand. Cotton fibers are spun into fine threads and hand-twisted to form yarns. Natural dyes -- no chemicals -- are used to dye the yarns. Traditional hand-looming techniques turn the yarns into meters of beautiful cloth. This is the ultimate environmentally conscious fabric because no electricity is used during the entire production process. 


What results is a fabric with truly unique characteristics. It has a whisper-weight texture -- a floating quality that results from being woven by hand. The fineness of the weave -- a result of the super fine threads that were hand-twisted into yarn -- creates a nearly transparent fabric with an ethereal vibe. Super soft against the skin, every garment made with this fabric is a pleasure to wear.